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Ammonia • BOD • Conductivity • Dissolved Oxygen (DO) • Fluoride • Nitrate • ORP/Redox
pH • Resistivity • Salinity • Sodium • Temperature • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

Hach’s portfolio of electrochemistry products provides the right solution for your testing needs, backed by years of product innovation and technical support. No other supplier provides the broad range of products with the accuracy, ease of use, durability and flexibility that you demand.

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Lab & Field Meters & Probes Product Lines  

HQd Meters and IntelliCAL Probes

HQd Meters and IntelliCAL™ Probes - Smart Probes

Intelligent HQd meters and interchangeable IntelliCAL laboratory and rugged field probes give the ultimate in flexibility and ease of use, particularly for facilities with multiple users and testing needs.

sensION+ Meters and Probes

sensION+ Meters and Probes - Complete Simplicity

An all-in-one system with guided menu navigation makes general electrochemistry testing fast and simple. ach system is designed to be used in a wide variety of applications and comes complete with everything you need to start testing.

H-Series Meters and Probes

H-Series Meters and Probes - Non-glass

Optional non-glass, virtually indestructible pH probes that clean easily and store dry make the H-Series a great choice for specialized and traditional applications across multiple parameters.

MP Meters

MP Meters - Probeless

With simple one-handed operation, multi-parameter probeless MP Meters allow you to dip and go for rapid spot checks of clean water applications and tap sampling.

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