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Hach announces new AS950

March 31, 2015

Sampling has never been this easy

Loveland, Colo. (March, 2015) – Hach Company ( has released a new automatic sampler controller which makes programming, data transfer and operation more intuitive and virtually error-free. The new Hach AS950 features significant design improvements, unique to Hach, including:

•    A large, full-color display for intuitive, single-screen programming
•    USB Drive compatibility for convenient data download and program transfer capabilities
•    An error alert and status screen to eliminate uncertainty and simplify troubleshooting  

 “The first thing customers will notice is the full-color display which is about the size of a smart phone,” Jim Caruso, Application Development Manager for Hach Company, said. “Our large screen allows you to access all program menus in one view, so you don’t have to scroll endlessly through menus to get to the one item you want to change.”

Data transfer and sampler programming is dramatically streamlined with the AS950. Users can download logged data such as sample history, cabinet temperature (AWRS units) and sensor measurements directly from multiple samplers onto the USB drive. This eliminates the need for special cables and removes the hassle of carrying a laptop to sampling locations. And users can download a program from a computer or sampler to any USB drive and plug it into the controller to upload the program.

The AS950 also simplifies troubleshooting. “We’ve created a status screen that instantly communicates what’s happening with the sampler,” Caruso said.  “When a customer visits their sampler to remove samples, they can quickly see if an alarm has been triggered, a sample has been missed, and how many more samples are expected.  There’s no more guessing or digging to find answers.”

The AS950 works with existing Hach sampler bases and bottle configurations.  It includes connections for several digital Hach sensors and the Hach IO9000 input/output modules. The AS950 automatic samplers are customizable to support the unique needs of every facility. More information is available at or by calling Hach Customer Service at 800-227-4224.

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